“Quality is the life of our manufacturer!” we always adopted the business philosophy.         Our manufacturer produce the snooker table,Russian table ,pool table, and cartom table according to the BCA(Billiards Congress Of America)specification, every year we supply large quantity of the Russian tables to the wholesale store in Xinjiang province of China, who export items to Russian market. and our pool table is very popular  in Middle East  market,especially in Saudi Arabia and Oman.  all of the   tables with slates made of China Oak, Malaysia  rubber wood or Mahoganyh, all of the wood will be  through drying in order to avoid any crack,and we  also make large quantity of the  MDF pool tables,Mini game tables ,MDF childen pool table and soccer table for west market at competitive price, this is not the slate frame , which  made of MDF.             

       We make the high quality snooke cue, Ebony butt, Ash or Maple shaft, and different weight, length and tip diameter according to your demand. for the pool cue , which made from Canadian Maple, Africa ebony,American Ash, and Indonesian white wood, the length from  36"   to 57",we accept OEM and can make cues to your own design.              

      We have AAA, A and B grade quality of pool ball sets and snooker ball sets, we produce large quantities of Poly resin balls comform to world class standards,Comparing with Belgium ball(aramith billiad ball), the Poly resin ball is very favourable and at good quality, our AAA grade product of" crystay pool ball" is very popular in the China high classtic billiard club,we also have bocce balls and billiard key chain etc. our biggest ball market is to Taiwan who exports our balls all over the world. we also send balls directly to many countries including U.S.A. Europe, Africa,Australia ,Brazil and Russia-etc                          

     Welcome you to Taishan city to visit  our manufacturer and promote the economic cooperation.                                                                     


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